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Conquer Your To-Do List

Productivity Techniques with To-Do Management

There are many productivity techniques to choose from. And not all productivity techniques work the same for everyone. This e-book aims to create an awareness about productivity and discusses top ten (10) productivity techniques that you can use to stop procrastinating, boost your efficiency and to get things done. Experiment with these techniques and increase your productivity by using the techniques that suit you best.

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You need some smart productivity techniques that will keep you ahead of time. And not all productivity techniques work the same for everyone.

Personal Kanban

Kanban boards are a great way to track your progress throughout the day. You can simply use sticky notes to list everything in just three categories other than using tools.

The Rule of Three

The rule of three is very effective for procrastinators. It means you don’t need to make an extensive to-do list that you can never complete.

Eat the Frog

This technique is also for procrastinators. Identifying the frog is the real deal here. Once you identify the frog, you should kill it as soon as possible.

Time Blocking

Time blocking refers to dividing the day into smaller slots and assigning a specific task to each slot. These time blocks can be different in size.

The Two Minute Rule

The two-minute rule states that if you can do something in less than two minutes, you should instantly complete the task no matter where the task is on your to-do list.

Single Tasking

We are pretty familiar with multitasking. Though it is considered to improve our efficiency, it kills our productivity in reality. Multitasking also increases our stress level, affecting our productivity in the long run.

Eisenhower Matrix

Often, we confuse not-so-important tasks with the most important ones, and it kills a notable amount of the whole day. This is why you need to differentiate tasks into four categories based on their importance and urgency.

Smart Goal Method

This is a modern technique for setting achievable goals that you can work on. Setting random and unrealistic goals is often the most favorite task of procrastinators. You need to get out of this circle.

The Moscow Method

MoSCoW method is a productivity technique for easily dividing tasks into specific categories to prioritize important tasks according to their deadlines.

Pomodoro Technique

We finish with this very effective and popular technique for handling your to-do list better. It is similar to the time blocking method. You should divide your workday into short sessions with breaks in between.

End Notes

Making a to-do list to increase productivity isn’t the real deal. Succeed in turning the to-do list into the done list is what should focus on. And we hope these techniques help you make the best use of your time.

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