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Boost Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

Oct 7, 2022    

The Pomodoro technique is similar to the time blocking method. You should divide your workday into short sessions with breaks in between. The short sessions will increase your focus and energize you for the subsequent sessions.

What is Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro technique is a simple time management method that tells you to divide your whole workday into smaller blocks separated by small breaks. The most common practice is to make 25-minute work blocks along with 5-minute rest blocks. These blocks are known as Pomodoro.

After every four such Pomodoro, you can take a more extended break of 15-30 minutes. These specific time blocks help you do deep work without any disruptions. The small gaps between these blocks refresh you for the next task.

How Does the Pomodoro Technique Work?

The main reason behind this technique is to break the procrastination cycle of ourselves. We often put off bigger and more intimidating tasks for a long time. This technique encourages you to break them into smaller chunks so that you can start working on one of them right away.

And once you start working on a task, it gets much less intimidating. As you have specific time blocks of 25 minutes, you push yourself to focus solely on that task for the next few minutes. The outcome is much better than working for hours with distractions.

You better understand how you use your time as you work in specific cycles. Minor interruptions during our deep work can destroy the workflow and make us spend hours on a simple task.

Often, checking a Facebook notification turns to browsing the News Feed for hours. Pomodoro tells us to focus on only one task at that specific time. Even if you are working on a more significant task that requires more than one Pomodoro, the break in between rejuvenates you and brings your focus back on the task.

How to Use the Pomodoro Technique?

You can start your day by figuring out Pomodoro for the day. It’s unnecessary to assign one task to just one Pomodoro; you can take more if required. But if a task takes too many pomodoros, like more than half of your workday, you should break the task into smaller sections.

Having overflow pomodoros is excellent, as some tasks might take longer than you have thought. Or you can have some unexpected tasks that need to be done urgently.

The length of the Pomodoro might not be the same for everyone. Experiment with the length and figure out the perfect session for yourself. If you are working on screens, it’s wise to give your eyes a rest after every Pomodoro.

Don’t indulge yourself in social media during the break. Stretch your body a bit, watch some greens, drink water, and then get back to the next Pomodoro.

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