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Introducing a Tailored Approach to Contact Management in TimeCaptis: The Power of Custom Fields

Jul 13, 2023    
Custom Fields

Thriving in today's dynamic business landscape requires more than just maintaining a database of your contacts. It calls for a personalized approach to managing client, partner, and stakeholder relationships. We at TimeCaptis, understand this significance and are excited to introduce a transformative update to our platform.

The all-new custom fields feature in our Contacts module is designed to streamline your contact management like never before. This enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and personalization empower you to efficiently curate, store, and utilize your contact details in alignment with your unique business requirements.

Our custom fields feature revolutionizes how you store and retrieve contact details. It allows you to move beyond the conventional contact information fields. Now, you can create unique data fields to record your contacts.

We've designed the custom fields to seamlessly mesh with the existing contact management features, ensuring an effortless transition and integration into your current workflow. There's no need to manually add extra data fields for each contact within a Team. Simply define the custom fields once, and they'll be available for every contact you add within that Team. With TimeCaptis, you can smoothly create, modify, and remove custom fields to align with your preferred information structure. It guarantees your contact records remain precise and current. Moreover, you can define field types (text field, single select, multiple select, or multi-line), set values, and even craft dropdown lists for efficient data entry.

Our custom fields feature presents a comprehensive view of each contact, thereby consolidating all relevant information in a single place. It eliminates the need for multiple external tools, cumbersome spreadsheets, or manual records to store and retrieve additional contact information. With TimeCaptis, everything you need to know about a contact is just a few clicks away, making it significantly simpler to track vital personal and business information and access it precisely when required.

Custom fields in TimeCaptis provide a productivity-boosting, time-saving solution to customize and optimize your contact management process. With the ability to create and store data in personalized fields, you gain control over your contact database, tailoring it to your needs. Take your contact management to the next level with TimeCaptis Pro and experience the game-changing power of custom fields today.

If you haven’t explored TimeCaptis, register now and use the app for free. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available for download, empowering you to manage your contacts on the go.

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