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Track Your Productive Time with the Time Captis

This article tells you how to remain productive. Time Captis will help your track your time effeciently while helping you manage to-dos, notes, calendar and contacts.

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Manage Your To-Do using Time Captis

Managing to do is much easier with Time Captis App. Categorize to dos into lists and mark timelines to see in Calendar. You can share a to do with team members if you have a Pro subscription.

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Manage Notes in Time Captis

Write and save a Note with Time Captis. You can share a Note with team members and can send a Note to your clients through email or SMS if you have a Pro subscription.

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Compose and Manage Messages in Time Captis

For subscribers of Time Captis with Pro Plan or any subscriber who is a Team Member of a Pro subscriber, this feature is available. Communicate within your Team.