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Accessing Team Feature on Time Captis Web App Is Easy Now

Jan 15, 2021    

There have been several enhancements to the time management app. With the recent release, to make collaboration and communication within your team easy, efficient and faster for you, we have enhanced the team feature in Time Captis. These features for managing time are currently exclusive to the web app version and will make its way to the mobile app versions soon as well.

Now, you can access all your Teams from the left sidebar time management tool. Each Team has its own components that can be viewed by clicking on any particular Team. You can view all your To-Dos, Notes, Contacts, Calendar Events, Time Report, Invoices and Users for a specific Team just by simply selecting the preferable Team from the left sidebar.

You can also view the list of Teams and can add and edit them from the Team page available within the ‘Settings’ option.

We have enhanced the Invoice feature available within a Team. Now, you can view a message to set up your Business Information in the Invoice page for a specific Team if you have not added it before creating an Invoice. This is a much-desired feature for time management for freelancers.

You can now add a new client for your Team on the ‘Add Invoice’ page itself just by selecting the type of the client and by entering the name of the client.

Now onwards, in the ‘Add Invoice’ page, the selected currency for the Team will be displayed for the ‘Unit Price’ and the ‘Amount’ being selected for the Invoice.

In our effort to make this the best time tracking app even in terms of price, we have come up with the new Pro subscription plan with the annual subscription or a monthly subscription. You can also go for the annual subscription of your account by using new coupons.

If you don’t already have a Time Captis account, register and start using the app for free. You can also download the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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