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Add users to your Time Captis account

Jan 5, 2020     TUTORIAL

With a Time Captis Pro Subscription, you can add multiple users under your account and decide upon these users' level of access. All your users will be able to sign in to Time Captis using their own credentials. Have a look at our quick and easy-to-follow video tutorial or refer to the detailed instructions in the step by step guide below.

1. Sign in to your Time Captis Account

2. Click on ‘Users’ from the Dashboard menu. You shall land on the User List page as shown below.


3.Click the ‘Add User’ button as shown above. A pop-screen shall appear prompting you to make the payment to add a User as shown below.


4.Click the ‘Pay Now’ button as shown below. You will be redirected to a link to make payment from your PayPal account. Once you make the payment, you will be redirected back to the Add User page with the message ‘Payment successful. Add new user’. Then click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.


5. Upon doing so, you shall land on the ‘User List’ page. Here, you shall find the information on the top of the screen that you have been allocated with one User, but no Uusers have been added. To add a User, click on the ‘Edit’ button as shown below.


6. Upon doing so, you shall land on the ‘Add User’ page. Enter the details of the User and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button below.


7. Upon doing so, you shall find that the User that you added is appearing in the ‘User List ’ page as shown below.


You can add more Users following the steps mentioned above.