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Announcing the Release of Version 2.0 of Time Captis

Apr 6, 2020     BLOG

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of Time Captis, which includes a fresh new design besides an enrichment in functionalities. Let's take a closer look at the new version.

A Fresh New Look
The app has undergone a complete transformation of its architecture. We have enhanced the User Interface (UI) with a focus in the areas of usability and user experience. It’s still the simple and elegant app, but we have simplified the access to any function (item) to provide you with an elegant interface with navigational paths. We have enhanced the look, so it feels simple, yet modern.

Easy Management of Contacts and Clients
Managing your Contacts and Clients have become easier now. Now, while adding a new Contact you have the option to mark a Contact as a Client.

Easy Management of To-Dos and Tasks
Using the to-do feature, you can easily manage multiple to-do lists and tasks. You can update the to-do lists and move items from one list to another and easily sort the items on the lists quickly and prioritize them. Once you have completed an item or a task, you can mark it as completed.

Easy Way to Track Time
Time tracking has now become easier. You can select the function to quickly capture the time spent. Time can be tracked for personal purposes or specific for a team.

Team Management and Collaboration
One of the major features introduced is the concept of Team that allows Pro users to create their team members free and share information (to-do list, note, Calendar event, Contact etc.) with them. This feature is valuable when you collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and business partners.

Business Dashboard for All
Each user in a team has a business dashboard. An up-to-date dashboard data is always available and ready to be analyzed. The personalized daily planner helps you accomplish what’s meaningful and important to you every day. And tomorrow? It will refresh so that you know exactly what to focus on.

Use at Work or Home
Time Captis is available and syncs across all platforms, iOS, Android, and the web on its own. Now, wherever you are, you can take your data with you. Commuting to work? Plan your day on your phone so you start work ready to check off all those tasks. You can toggle between your personal and business functions. As you head out the office in the evening, you can leave your business functions behind, and open up your personal functions like grocery list etc.

Time Report
Using the Time Report you can receive an accurate and detailed report for your own or your team's timesheets and export it into Spreadsheet and PDF.

Get Started Today!
Now is the best time to dive in and give Time Captis a try. If you don’t already have a Time Captis account, you can register and start using the app for free. Apart from using Time Captis on the web, you can also download the mobile apps for Android and iOS and can start using it in your latest smartphones.