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Create or edit a Memo in Time Captis

Jan 5, 2020     TUTORIAL

A memo is intended to inform a group of people about a specific matter, say announcement of an upcoming meeting, or communicate some important facts. Never forget crucial information and ideas by using Memo. With the TimeCaptis, you can add, view, edit and delete memos quickly and easily. Have a look at our quick and easy-to-follow video tutorial or refer to the detailed instructions in the step by step guide below.

1. Sign in to your Time Captis Account

2. Click on ‘Memo‘ from the Dashboard menu.

3. Upon doing so, the ‘Memo‘ details page shall open as shown below.


4. Enter the Memo details and click on the ‘Add Memo‘ button as shown below.


5. Upon doing so you can see your recently added ‘Memo‘ appearing in the Memo list page as shown below.


6. To edit the details of the ‘Memo‘, click on the ‘Edit‘ button against a Memo as appearing in the Memo List page as shown below.


7. To delete a ‘Memo‘, click on the ‘Delete‘ button against a Memo as appearing in the Memo List page. Upon doing so, you shall see a pop-up window appearing on the top to confirm before deletion. Click on the ‘OK‘ button as shown below and the said Memo will be deleted.