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Don’t Miss Out on your Favourite Pastimes - Time Captis is at Hand

Apr 6, 2020     BLOG

Indulge in Your Hobby While Time Captis Takes Care of Your Work Schedule

It's quite some time that you had last indulged in your favourite pastimes. The busy time schedule is taking its toll on your spare time and you thought you had no other option. No, you can still relax if you are using the superb productivity app, Time Captis. With Time Captis, you can have your much-needed snooze or catch up with that sapling you planted in your backyard sometime back. Spending time on what truly relaxes you is important, as it increases your productivity at work.

Along with effective time management, Time Captis now comes with many new features, about which we have talked about before, but not here. The new Time Captis, that has been released recently, manages your contacts, notes, to-dos and calendar in a very innovative way. It integrates all app usage into one box. You can also generate reports and collaborate within your business associates or family members with messages and sharing. By the use of Time Captis Pro Subscription, collaboration and communication are seamless. A pro subscriber can create any number of Teams and can add both Free and Pro Subscribers to his or her Team.

Time Captis has no hidden costs and has simple yet straightforward pricing. There are different subscription plans to choose from and you can upgrade or cancel the subscription at any time. Time Captis is available for both Android and iOS. Tracking your time and organizing your information on the move is made easy with Time Captis. Time log reports can be used for accounting.

Time Captis has been revamped from scratch, a true productivity tool for professionals. Along with the above-mentioned features, this version will have improved usability and good user experience - fewer clicks to achieve a particular task and an easy-to-use and attractive interface.

With Time Captis, along with these other benefits, go enjoy your spare time the way you like