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Get Access To Everyone In Your Organization With a Messaging App

Sep 29, 2021    

Now that COVID-19 is here, teams will also need to think seriously about how to stay in touch with other members who are quarantined, can't travel, or are otherwise separated. Team messaging apps can be a key part of the solution- a single place for messaging with colleagues in real-time.

Here are some most needed features in a Team Messaging App:

  1. Team messaging apps make you view all your messages in one place with a single click. Likewise, you can compose and send a message instantly.
  2. It assures simple and easy file sharing too. Now you can communicate and exchange work updates with individual users or with the team.
  3. It provides a simple UI with the much-needed ability to format text- you can now add a table, title, heading, bulleted list or numbered list. You can also bold, italicize, underline text and add attachments like photos, videos, or web links.
  4. It has a search option that makes you able to search a specific message from any user or group by name.
  5. It comes as a cross-platform app that syncs across all devices you have.

With all these features a team messaging app can make you get access to everyone in your organization, thus enhance productivity and team collaboration. Although there is another better way to use a team messaging app that comes bundled with other useful apps like- an integrated to-do list, notes, calendar, time tracker etc.

If looking for a bundled app, TimeCaptis is a great option that caters to different needs of your business. Along with the Messaging feature, it comes bundled with Time Tracker, To-dos, Notes, Calendar, Contacts and Invoicing. Small organizations can also be benefited with its free version.

Manage and track time. Loved by thousands of people worldwide. Trusted by many businesses.

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