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How Using TimeCaptis Can Increase Your Productivity

May 21, 2021    
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This past year has been challenging for everyone as they adjust to new working conditions and deal with the constant threat of the virus. Many people have struggled with their motivation and efficiency while working from home and have instead tried new methods to organize their life: software applications. Applications have been steadily surging in popularity as people realize the benefits of using an online planner and tracker to monitor their work and productivity levels. Instead of fighting to sift through the hundreds of apps online, you should consider using TimeCaptis to enhance your work rate and productiveness. 

What Is TimeCaptis? 

TimeCaptis is an application designed to help users manage their tasks, facilitate communication among team members, and improve their productivity in the workplace. It is available on the web, iOS, and Android devices, allowing you to access your account from anywhere in the world. These are the top five application features of TimeCaptis that will directly benefit your workflow and productivity: 


When you are a Pro Subscriber, you can create various channels and projects to allow accessible communication between users. You can also share events, tasks, and notes to keep everyone in the loop while working on a project and increasing overall productivity. TimeCaptis supports collaborative efforts and encourages in-app messaging and planning to improve the structure and organization of your work team. 

Task Manager 

This app helps you become more aware of your scheduling, time management, and workflow--all of which are essential for improving your productivity. You can manage your team projects directly on the app by accessing tasks and events. You can use the application anywhere and across all devices, which means you’ll never be without access to your work. 

User-Friendly Dashboard 

The main page has a clear and easy-to-use dashboard where you’ll find all your tasks, messages, and events. It lists them by date, time, and importance, so you’ll never forget to get a project done. The app is easily navigated and intuitive, with a simple and aesthetic design. You’ll get dashboard notifications whenever someone shares a new task or edits a note, aiding communication amongst your workers.

Monitor Your Time 

TimeCaptis allows you to track how you manage your time, measuring how long you spent on a phone call, crafting an email, or finishing up a task. You can use this data to track the number of hours your employees log every week and observe which teams need improvement. You can create timesheets and reports based on this data so that you can assess the productivity of you and your team, determine the time requirements of each project, and summarize your earning potential. 

Invoicing and Billing 

The time tracker is ideal for invoicing and billing as an employer or freelancer. You can create logs of your workday, inputting how long it took you to complete a task, and easily send them to clients as PDF forms or print them directly. You can even label the time reports as billable or non-billable to help your financial management and overall organization. 

The app offers professionally designed invoice templates for you to use and input your data, taking only minutes to complete and submit to clients. Invoicing is one of the most critical aspects of business management, yet many people leave it until the last moment and suffer from the stress. You can keep your billing accurate and up to date when using TimeCaptis’ software to track and manage your hours and expenses. 

How TimeCaptis Can Help 

Keeping an organized calendar is crucial for staying on top of all of your projects and tasks. Although some people prefer to write in a physical planner, applications are ideal for organizing all your plans since they can keep everything in one tidy place for easy use. You can access your scheduling, events, messages, and invoicing in one place. You won’t need to download various apps since TimeCaptis can support your needs. 

Tips to Improve Your Productivity 

If you have been struggling with your motivation and productivity while at work or school, follow these general tips to help get back on track: 

  • Focus on the most important tasks first 
  • Break down each goal into smaller, more attainable tasks '
  • Remember to take breaks 
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy food 
  • Disable all distractions such as social media, text messages, or internet browsing                   
  • Always plan out your workday before you start 
  • Go for a walk

TimeCaptis is an excellent application for anyone looking to organize their work life and improve their productivity, whether as employers or employees. You don’t even have to purchase a subscription, as they provide a free plan with the option of upgrading at any time. The Pro Subscription is only $4 a month and has no contract, usage limit, or limitation to data records.

Take full advantage of this inexpensive productivity tool and get your life organized again!


Manage and track time. Loved by thousands of people worldwide. Trusted by many businesses.

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