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New Dashboard Feature

Sep 11, 2020    

We are constantly working to improve your Time Captis experience. To enhance user experience and to bring team collaboration and communication into one place, Time Captis has added a new dashboard feature.

Here is what’s new?

  • From today you will notice a TEAMS widget on your dashboard that displays the first three added team names with the selected team colour and the number of added users for those teams.
  • On the TEAMS widget a VIEW All button is also provided for your convenience to view all the teams either you created or assigned with. You can now directly go to a team page from the TEAMS widgets right from your dashboard.
  • Apart from this, your dashboard will always provide you with a glimpse of recent to-dos, recent notes and recent contacts. You can click on any of these to go to the respective page directly from your dashboard. View all options are there for each widget.
  • The events widget is there on your dashboard allowing you to add any event instantly. All the added events will be displayed right on your dashboard. This is the beauty of this app, just record the events and Time Captis will never let you miss any.
  • Finally, the ultimate time tracking status for the last 30 days is always there for you on your dashboard so that you can track your productive time and become more productive.
  • Time Captis is a productivity tool which makes team collaboration and communication a breeze. If you don’t already have a Time Captis account, you can register and start using the app for free. Apart from using Time Captis on the web, you can also download the mobile apps for Android and iOS and can start using it.

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