Share an Event with the Users of your Time Captis Account

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Time Captis makes collaboration easy and powerful from any device, anywhere and anytime. As a Pro Subscriber, you can share a Calendar Event of your with one or more Users that have been created within your account. Have a look at our quick and easy-to-follow video tutorial or refer to the detailed instructions in the step by step guide below.

1. Sign in to your Time Captis Account

2. Click on ‘Calendar‘ from the Dashboard menu. You shall land on the Calendar page as shown below.


3. If you want to share a particular Event with your User(s) click on the said Event on the Calendar. Upon doing so, the details page for the Event will open as shown below.


4. Click on the "Edit" button as shown above. Upon doing so, the Edit Event pop-up window will open. Scroll down to locate the collapsible panel titled "Permissions". Click on it and it will display the list of Users created under your account. Select with which User and how you would like to share as shown below. Once you set the permission, click on the "Submit" button as shown below, to save the changes as shown below.

Note: When you share, as an owner of the Event, you can decide whether to let the Users edit or just view the Event that have been shared with them. You can also stop sharing an Event with any User at any time.

5. You can also share an Event with your Users, while creating a new one. On the Calendar Page click on the "Add Event" button as shown below.


6. Enter the details of the Event and then expand the collapsible panel titled "Permissions". Click and select with which User and how you would like to share as shown below. Once you set the permission, click on the "Submit" button below to save the same.


7. By default, you have full access to all the Events as added by the Users under your account. The Events as shared with you will display the Name of the User who has shared the Event with you, in the "Event Details" page as shown below.

Note: You cannot share an Event that is shared with you by one of your User with another User of yours.


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