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Time Management and Tracking – TimeCaptis is the Answer for Freelancers to being Super Productive

Jul 29, 2021    

While I began to jot this down, there were a few straight questions that came to mind. Did any of us ever imagined living life during and after a pandemic? Did we ever think of an invisible pathogen evading our lives like this? Did we ever anticipate that life will come to a halt and economies crash? Did we ever expect a pandemic to keep people confined at home like the way it did? A big NO will be my guess. The whole world was caught unaware, absolutely. As they say, the global shutdown gave us a tough time. It changed the way we lived and continue to live now and ever after.

Before we go further, I would want to share a staggering number with you. As you may be aware, many of us lost our dear jobs at the start of the pandemic. As per conservative estimates, more than 120 million people in India lost their jobs. The numbers are still rising. Bad thing, and we can only thank to the merciless virus.

But to my mind, what happened in the last ten months or so has a brighter side to it as well. The whole pandemic episode gave a much-needed boost to the much talked about gig-economy. Each one of us has heard and talked about Freelancing, right? Some of us might even have thought of doing it at some point in our lives – being our own boss. This pandemic brought unique opportunities, especially for the skilled, to work from remote locations and raise significant income for their living. Sounds great, correct?

Freelancing suddenly appears to be a great career option, especially when you have a skillset that is in great demand. You may have heard of several platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, etc. that are great when it comes to finding out ‘work from home’ project opportunities. Professionals, often referred to as, Freelancers, get to register themselves for free on these platforms and can post their professional profiles with work samples to get assignments. They start to deliver the assignments and based on their work quality get rated by the clients. Expert freelancers, with great client reviews and ratings, generally tend to get one assignment after the other.

This is the so-called easy part. But, have you ever thought what is the hardest part?

Imagine, yourself as the freelancing expert, with no dearth of assignments. You need to deal with multiple work items, track deadlines, list out priorities, manage activity scheduling, assign some part of work to a team member(s), review progress, set and cope up with reminders, follow up rigorously, submit draft work for peer and client review, keep track of deadlines, take feedback from clients, redo some portions of work, resubmit final work item for approvals, generate reports and so on. Also, take a step back and think, you completed an activity and got client approval for raising the invoice and get the money. But, because you are neck deep into project delivery, you miss out on timely billing. Sometimes, even forgetting to raise the bill altogether, until you get a reminder or two from the client itself. I am sure this sounds familiar and would have happened to you several times in your work life. Does this make you feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable? You nailed it right. This is, indeed, the hardest element in any freelancer’s journey. Imagine the complexity when you have multiple projects to handle.

Imagine, as the project manager, you attempt to manage the progress of your project or assignment using excel sheets or just the calendar or notes app of your laptop or computer or mobile. We are in the tech age and such project management practices are history. Excel sheets may be good for number crunching but not for holistic project management, time tracking and reporting. But not anymore. For those who still use this method or a paper-based time tracking route, it is a major nightmare. One small slip at any of the steps, and everything falls flat on the ground.

Okay, I know, you will say, there are several apps available for handling these tasks individually. But I say, it will be an equal nightmare to manage multiple apps with multiple login ids, varied reporting formats, sometimes difficult to comprehend analysis, infinite notifications, to name a few.

Now, what if I tell you that there is an app that is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your productivity management requirements. What if I tell you that the app has all features that you need at one place – To-Do Lists, Contacts, Notes, Messages, Calendar and most importantly, Invoices. Isn’t this amazing? Let me explain more.

TimeCaptis is the answer you are looking for. This is an end-to-end time management solution for managing your productivity, irrespective of the fact, you are working from home or office. Cherry on the cake – you can sign-up for the app for free. Yes, you heard me right. The ‘Free Subscription’ offers a fully operational account to you with $0 per month of investment. Wow! No hidden costs and cancel at any time options make it a more attractive choice than many other solutions that only offer way less features compared to it. And by the way, no false luring in this of any kind. I mean, no free trials and forced payment later, traps set. As a free subscription user, you can use TimeCaptis as long as you want. Upgrade to Pro only when you really need to.

With a free subscription, you can easily manage 100 To-Dos, 10 Notes, 1000 Contacts and 100 Calendar Events. Not only this, the free subscription comes with a 500MB file storage, reporting or tracking features, push notifications and support articles and videos. The data is hosted on a Type 4 data centre to maintain high security and privacy standards. Needless to say, full data backups are also maintained, just in case you need them at any point in time.

If you are a pro freelancer, you may look at the ‘Pro Subscription’ option. It comes with an affordable pricing of $20 per month (GST extra) and gives you a host of features – unlimited to-dos, notes, contacts, calendar events and a file storage of 5GB, time tracking or reporting, team messaging, email or SMS notifications, permissions management and online ticketing support.

Sounds exciting, right? What are you waiting for then?

Get going right away, visit https://timecaptis.com and register to experience the power of the best integrated time-tracking and productivity tool that you can find these days for managing your freelancing assignments. The app is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download as well.

I am an independent gig-economy worker myself and I am sharing all this with my own experience. As a gig-worker, I should be more concerned about getting more and more assignments, getting every project going – from timely kick-off to milestone achievements to efficient time tracking to better management of to-dos or notes and timely submission of invoices when work is complete. Most importantly, I would not want to put my energies in any futile administrative task(s) and would rather leave it to a modern tech app to do it for me.

Thanks to TimeCaptis for coming out with such a holistic solution for helping the freelancer’s community to be more efficient in what we do.

Kudos for all the efforts TimeCaptis made, I am a more productive professional than ever before.

Manage and track time. Loved by thousands of people worldwide. Trusted by many businesses.

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