Benefits of Time Captis

Manage Clients and Contacts

Monitor client activities, add notes and create a log of time spent on a client using straightforward and advanced client management tools. Keep your address book updated, clean, and always available with our intuitive client management system.

Manage Tasks and To-Do List

Add new tasks, assign, prioritize and track progress with the in-built task manager and to-do list maker. Get your to-do list organized and prioritize your activities and focus. Time management & task organization can do wonders for your work.

Update Calendar

Schedule your events better and smarter with a time management event scheduler. Switch between month, week and day view. Create and schedule repeating events and set reminders for upcoming events.

Manage Notes and Memos

Add/Edit Notes to your time entries for clients so you can know exactly why and when you spend more time with a client. Send a Note as email. Add, view, edit and delete memos quickly and easily.

Capture Time

As a supreme time tracker, Time Captis allows you to quickly capture your time for different activities against clients and tasks. Enter your time from anywhere. Use the time log reports for accounting.

Help Resources

Get access to exhaustive documentation and online help resources to resolve any issues that you may have. Make the most of our time tracker and task planner features, but also master the way you use the tools and work.

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else. Peter Drucker