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Improve Your Productivity with SMART Goals

Jun 2, 2022    

This is a modern technique for setting achievable goals that you can work on. Setting random and unrealistic goals is often the most favorite task of procrastinators. You need to get out of this circle.

Rather than planning something big, set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-oriented goals. For example, don't write a task like 'Completing the Assignment.' Write a task like 'Completing the first three chapters of the assignment in two days.'

This looks more realistic and achievable. And it will help you complete the task more efficiently.

What is the SMART Goal Method?

As you already know the mnemonic, SMART goal method is an effective way to set and achieve goals with a clear understanding of the whole process. Instead of setting bigger and unrealistic goals, you need to divide them into smaller sections about achievable and realistic goals.

When we plan something achievable, our brain reacts positively, and we can start working right away. Procrastinators set big goals far from reality and lay back, watching their dreams fade away. You should never do that.

How Does the Smart Goal Method Work?

SMART Goal is a versatile technique to boost your productivity. When you have specific goals to achieve, you become more energized to complete those smaller tasks. And the satisfaction of completing smaller tasks drives you towards progress.

In the first step, you set specific goals, as shown in the picture. Once you have a particular goal, you need to follow a certain progress parameter to determine whether you are going ahead or stuck in the same place. The next parameter, measurable, is directly connected to Specific.

Setting attainable goals is another important criterion of this method. When you plan something unrealistic and unachievable, you get frustrated at the very beginning. For example, you can never win the challenge of losing 30 lbs in a week.

But if you resize the goal and make it 3 lbs a week, it will look more achievable. And when you believe something is achievable, it becomes much easier to deal with. This is the secret behind this technique being so effective and popular.

How to Use the SMART Goal Method?

You need to ask yourself many questions while defining SMART goals. Before setting a goal, go through all these steps to ensure the goal falls under the definition of SMART.

To set specific goals, answer questions like what the goal is and why you want to achieve it. Also, include who is involved in the goal and what steps you will take to achieve the goal.

In the next step, you need to answer questions to prove the goal is measurable. Ask yourself how you are going to measure your progress and how you will know that the goal has been achieved.

To set attainable goals, ask yourself whether you have the capability or willpower to achieve the goal. Also, determine whether you have all the necessary resources to work on the goal.

And finally, ask yourself when you are going to achieve the goal and when you will be working on the goal. Following these steps will create a tangible goal that might force you to start working right away.

Use the SMART Goal Method with TimeCaptis

SMART goals can help you and your team succeed by bringing clarity into the goal-setting and task management process. A simple to-do management app like TimeCaptis can help you from setting mindful goals to improving your productivity.

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