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Prioritize Your Tasks and Manage Them Better Using the MoSCoW Method

Jul 5, 2022    
MoSCoW Method

MoSCoW here is the mnemonic for must, should, could, and won't. Categorize your tasks into these criteria to manage them better.

The tasks you must complete today will go into the Must category. If you have a bit of an extended deadline for some tasks, you can put them into the Should category so that you can complete them instantly or in the shortest possible time.

Tasks that are less important but still you want to do will go into the Won’t category.

What is the MoSCoW Method?

MoSCoW method is a productivity technique for easily dividing tasks into specific categories to prioritize important tasks according to their deadlines.

Once categorized, you can better understand what needs to be done right now and what can be put off for later.

For example, non-negotiable tasks can go into the Must category. Tasks that need your special attention instantly should be here so that you can start working on them right away. Once they are done, move forward to the Should category.

How Does the MoSCoW Method Work?

We often waste a lot of our time on non-productive or unimportant tasks that might be done later. This method differentiates tasks based on their priority. By categorizing tasks, we set ourselves a specific list of tasks that should be handled within the proper schedule.

Once you get used to this method, you better understand which tasks are essential daily. You can then have a fixed schedule for those tasks every day. This helps you achieve those goals without being distracted.

Then comes the Should category, which contains tasks we should focus on, but not with utmost urgency. These tasks usually have extended deadlines, but it is always better to complete them ahead of schedule.

If we have time after completing the tasks of the previous categories, we can spend some time and energy on the tasks of the Could category. The final category is Won't, meaning these tasks depend more on our preferences.

For example, if we like to learn a skill or pursue a hobby, that should go into this category.

How to Use the MoSCoW Method?

It’s all about figuring out what you need to do and when to do it. The success of this technique relies on organizing the tasks in order of time.

You should organize the tasks of the Must and Should category the night before so that you can start working on the most important tasks right at the beginning of the next day.

Keep a reasonable amount of time for the tasks of the Should category, even if you have an extended deadline. Completing these tasks will give you a sense of satisfaction, boosting your energy for doing more.

After completing these tasks, think about what you could do more today. Don’t stress yourself too much for these tasks. And keep some time to determine what you would like to do for your personal development.

Use the MoSCoW Method with TimeCaptis

Several time management tools and techniques are available in the market, and they all aim to achieve the same goal - increasing productivity. If you are ready to get started with the MoSCoW method, a to-do management app like TimeCaptis can help you fit your unique needs and always avoid getting caught up in countless pending tasks.

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