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About Time Captis Inc.

We are solving a trillion-dollar problem of lost productivity worldwide with a tool to manage and track time for gig workers and professionals.

Our flagship product is TimeCaptis - an app on the web, iOS, and Android platforms to manage productivity - to-dos, notes, contacts, calendars, invoices, and messaging within the team. With this product aided by AI, we envisage providing a comprehensive solution to track and manage time for gig workers and professionals with dashboards, reports, and data import/export facilities.

Several tools packed in a single App

CRM for freelancers and gig workers

Rapidly increasing subscriber-base

Our Story

As we are working through these years, the primary focus is on incorporating AI to automate productivity management and tracking and cater to more geographies and other languages.
  • 2018

    TimeCaptis Web App Released. Mobile Apps in Beta.

  • 2019

    Both Android and iOS Apps Released

  • 2020

    Crossed 15,000 subscribers.

Time Captis Inc.

(DUNS Number: 079475704)
702 Cromwell Drive Ste E
Greenville, NC 27858
+1 (252) 355-2630
James O'Connor

James O'Connor

A veteran CPA, aims to usher productivity in millions of lives through TimeCaptis app.
Ashwini Rath

Ashwini Rath

An entrepreneur, author and digital technology consultant.

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