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Best To Do List App for iphone and Android

Are you looking for a simple interface, or are you hoping to categorize hundreds of tasks at once? Time Captis developed the Best To-Do-List Application Android and iPhone which gives multiple ways of managing activities, such as tags, lists, deadlines and projects, makes adding tasks faster, with a clean Android interface. It's very well-designed, and easy to use. Sub-tasks and dependencies, projects and subprojects may be created. You may add the due dates to these tasks, prioritize them using a color coding scheme, categorize them and more.

Having trouble managing your business contacts? Get up-to-date insights of various contacts through contact management application from Time Captis. Perform various activities on multiple contacts at the same time. It is easy and convenient to use. Reduce the time spent on manual tasks and save your time.

Contact Management App lets you monitor your clients, sales management, schedules and events. It allows companies and entities to monitor client and manufacturer partnerships and experiences, contains all addresses, notes, work, faxes, schedule and more.

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New Success Page for Web Registrations

You will like this feature as a new user! For a better UX, we have modified the user interface of the ‘Success Page’ - what you see after a successful registration.

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Manage Notes in Time Captis

Write and save a Note with Time Captis. You can share a Note with team members and can send a Note to your clients through email or SMS if you have a Pro subscription.