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Time Management and Timesheet App

This Time Management Apps definitely helps to use your time wisely, manage your tasks easily. Record all idly spent time, such that distractions and procrastination can be reduced when operating from home. Time Management Tools improve communication between the project managers and subordinates. It’s certainly allowed us to connect, perform, improve and leverage our resources beyond what was once conceivable. Powers you to evaluate your productivity and see where you can strengthen your work processes, which also provides insights into the sustainability of the projects you run

Time Captis has the Best Free Timesheet App which is powerful software with automatic timesheets for your team. No need to manually fill out and maintain timesheets; employee timesheets sync in real-time to the web-based live dashboard. It is easy to use and includes the features of task tracking, apps monitoring, and detailed reports. You can then generate your tracked time visual and weekly reports, export these Reports as PDF or Excel files, or save them.

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New Success Page for Web Registrations

You will like this feature as a new user! For a better UX, we have modified the user interface of the ‘Success Page’ - what you see after a successful registration.

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Manage Notes in Time Captis

Write and save a Note with Time Captis. You can share a Note with team members and can send a Note to your clients through email or SMS if you have a Pro subscription.